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BenePro, Inc
1025 N Campbell Rd B
Royal OakMI 48067
BenePro, IncEmployee Benefit Plans in Royal Oak, MI
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BenePro, Inc |1025 N Campbell Rd BRoyal OakMI48067 | (248) 543-8181

Employee Benefit Plans in Royal Oak, MI

Benefits packages are the heartbeat of any HR department. They keep your employees healthy so businesses can increase their longevity. In today’s landscape, the ways people live and work are evolving, so providing your workforce with affordable benefit solutions and working with a group that can help support you is essential. BenePro, Inc provides businesses with employee benefits, ancillary benefits, and consulting services. If you're looking for a people-driven solution that helps your organization thrive, contact us for the best employee benefit consulting in Royal Oak, MI.

Providing Benefit Solutions & Consulting For:

  • Proprietary Healthcare Coalition
  • Employee Benefits
  • Ancillary Benefits
  • Predictive Modeling

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